New members joined the group.

Unfortunately, they start activities in the middle of COVID-19 isolation. We work from home while we look forward to going back to the lab…

Welcome Romina, Gonzalo, Florencia and Fernando!

Dr. Romina Landa and Ph.D. candidate Gonzalo Escalante will be working on applying ultra-resolution techniques such as MINFLUX and SIMPLER to the visualization of chromatin, a project in collaboration with the groups of Prof. Marcelo Nollmann (CNRS, Montpellier) and Prof. Marcelo Rubinstein (INGEBI-CONICET, Buenos Aires) .

Florencia Edorna and Fernando Caprile, joined our group to make their graduation thesis to obtain their Physics degree at the Physics Department of the University of Buenos Aires. Florencia will be working on adaptive optics for super-resolution, and Fernando Capriles will join efforts with Luciano Masullo optimizing the doughnut excitation of our MINFLUX.